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Should I Still Hire an Attorney If I Think I’m Guilty?

McBride Law Dec. 14, 2022

Attorney discussing contract document with clientAfter being faced with a crime, it is common to believe you are guilty and feel the only way out is to face the consequences. Even if you believe you are guilty, it is wise to speak with an attorney first rather than handle the situation alone. 

While every defense attorney may have a different view on which details you need to present so they can build a solid defense for you, the job of the defense is to challenge the evidence and the circumstances of the arrest. Then, you have a better chance of either avoiding conviction or getting a better result than you could have on your own by simply pleading guilty. Your attorney is not going to fight a lesser fight if you admit your guilt.  

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Possible Consequences of a Guilty Plea 

Depending on the crime with which you have been charged, penalties will vary, but most crimes share common possible outcomes if you decide to plead guilty. Consider these possible, even probable consequences:  

  • SERVING TIME: Even a DUI can land you in jail, and other crimes can carry jail time and time behind prison bars.   

  • FINES: A conviction will also result in your paying a fine.  

  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: Even if you avoid any type of imprisonment, you can be ordered to do community service.  

  • PROBATION: You might also avoid time behind bars by being given probation, but probation is an onerous situation during which you must report to your parole officer regularly, while your freedom of movement and other life options can be severely limited. If you do serve time, that may be followed by probation..  

  • LOSS OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES: In a DUI conviction, you will face a loss of driving privileges as your license will be suspended.  

In addition to the direct consequences of a conviction, there will be collateral damage. One of the worst consequences of a conviction is that it carries a criminal record that can result in several negative outcomes.  

For one, prospective employers on their job applications, and/or during interviews, will ask if you have any prior convictions. This can severely limit your access to the best jobs. A criminal record will make it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain professional licensing. Public benefits may also be restricted or barred if you have a record.  

If the crime is of a serious enough nature, you can lose your right to visit or take custody of your minor children. Your right to own firearms may also be stripped away. If you’re here without proper documentation, you could be subject to removal or what is commonly called deportation.  

Finally, of course, your conviction can damage your family and other relationships. It is vital to reach out to a strategic criminal defense attorney to avoid the consequences listed above. 

Reasons to Hire an Attorney Even if You Think You’re Guilty 

In addition to the evidentiary and abuse-of-rights defenses mentioned earlier that a defense attorney can help you with, in an effort to obtain the best possible result, bringing an attorney on your side has many other benefits.  

Before any trial is held, there are pretrial hearings and negotiations between the prosecution and defense. During these pretrial efforts, your attorney may be able to get the charge lessened so that even if you face conviction, the penalties will be reduced. During this phase, it may also be possible to negotiate a plea bargain that, again, will result in lesser penalties.  

There also may be diversion programs available, so that you can avoid prison time and instead undergo a manner of rehabilitation. Finally, your attorney can argue for more favorable terms of sentencing if, after all, is said and done, you do face conviction. If you just go to court and plead guilty, you’ll be at the mercy of what the prosecutors recommend and what the judge decides. 

Communicating with Your Defense Attorney 

Should you admit your guilt?   

The bottom line is that you should not withhold any information that your defense attorney needs to mount a strong defense for you. Let the attorney ask the questions and then answer them as truthfully as possible. Don’t try to manipulate the facts or paint a rosy picture. Be honest.   

Once you’re consulting with your attorney, whatever you say is privileged information that your attorney cannot reveal but can use in deciding on the best options and strategy for your particular case.  

Remember, the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a high legal threshold to meet. Your defense attorney is there to try to prevent them from reaching that threshold. Even if you admit you feel you’re guilty, your attorney is still obligated and committed to using every legal means to challenge the prosecution. 

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