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Drug Trafficking Attorney in Quincy, Massachusetts

A drug trafficking charge in Massachusetts can lead to severe penalties that can alter the life of any defendant. Penalties may include a prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines. In addition, a person’s reputation, career, finances, and family can be ruined for many years.

For this reason, it is important to seek experienced legal representation from a drug trafficking attorney in Quincy, Massachusetts. McBride Law offers experienced and comprehensive legal services for those who have been charged with drug trafficking and could be facing a life-altering conviction. Reach out to McBride Law today to speak with a skilled drug crimes attorney and schedule a free case assessment.

Experience Defending Clients in All Drug Crimes

Attorney Devin McBride and his legal team understand the criminal justice system. They have defended clients in a wide range of drug trafficking cases that include but are not limited to:

  • Marijuana

  • Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Methamphetamines

  • Opioids/prescription medication

In addition, they have represented clients in cases that involve drug possession, cultivation, and distribution. McBride law is dedicated to establishing the facts of the case and will consider all legal options before fighting for the rights of clients who are charged with drug trafficking.

Facing a Drug Trafficking Charge?

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Massachusetts

The penalties for drug trafficking can often vary depending on the substance, the amount of the substance in possession, and other circumstances of the case. Penalties may include a prison sentence that can range anywhere from 3 to 20 years. In addition, a judge may impose a steep fine, driver’s license suspension, probation, loss of child custody, or other penalties.

A drug trafficking charge carries more severe penalties than possession charges. Consequently, prosecutors are more aggressive when pursuing a conviction and will oftentimes seek the maximum sentence. Therefore, if you are accused it’s important you seek legal representation from an experienced drug trafficking attorney who can provide a strong defense.

The Difference Between a Public Defender and a Drug Crimes Attorney

While it may be tempting to work with a public defender, most defendants are unaware of the many complexities of the legal system. As such, they are in the hands of someone who is often too busy to spend time with their case. Most public defenders get more cases than they can handle, offering little to no personalized attention to any of their clients.

McBride Law works closely with its clients, investigating every case at length to protect the client’s rights. Furthermore, the law firm believes in exhausting every possible solution when fighting to establish the client’s innocence or reducing their sentence. A skilled drug trafficking attorney in Quincy, Massachusetts can help clients in the following ways:

  • Investigate the case to determine the facts

  • Obtain evidence of innocence for clients who are falsely accused

  • Negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution (if relevant)

  • Work with the judge to reduce the sentence

  • Represent the client in court

A qualified legal team can provide personalized legal consultation and representation, managing the entire case from start to finish. Defendants who work with McBride Law never have to feel as though they are alone when taking on the justice system.

What to Expect From a Drug Trafficking Case

An individual who has been arrested and charged with a drug trafficking offense can expect the courts to move quickly to prosecute. A prosecuting attorney may collect evidence to substantiate the charge before building a case against the defendant and making recommendations for a sentence. The courts will hear the charges, weigh the evidence, and eventually render a verdict.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will also look at the evidence, determine if the prosecutor has a case, and provide legal counsel and representation inside and outside of court. The goal of the defense attorney is to challenge the prosecutor’s assertions to establish the defendant’s innocence or work with the courts to reduce the charges.

Drug Trafficking Defense in Quincy, Massachusetts

Facing criminal charges for drug trafficking can be intimidating for anyone. McBride Law aims to defend those who have either been wrongfully accused or are seeking to reduce their sentence. If you have been charged with drug trafficking in Norwell, Hingham, Weymouth, Boston, or any of the surrounding areas in Massachusetts, call or reach out to McBride Law to find out more about their legal services and schedule a free case assessment.