Don't Fight Criminal Charges on Your Own

Don't Fight Criminal Charges on Your Own

Practicing criminal law in the Norwell, MA area

Criminal charges can devastate your family and destroy your career. Put up a solid defense by working with a criminal law firm in Norwell, MA. McBride Law handles larceny, embezzlement, restraining orders and other criminal law matters.

An accusation doesn't need to ruin your life. Discuss your case with attorney McBride by calling 781-878-1231 right away. He can represent your interests at the state or federal level.

What happens if you're convicted under assault and battery law?

Lawmakers in the Norwell, MA area take assault and battery law very seriously. If convicted, you could:

  • Spend up to two years in jail
  • Pay as much as $1000 in fines
  • Loose your job and reputation

Don't give up hope. An experienced attorney at McBride Law can fight to help clear your name.

If you've been accused of domestic violence, harassment or assault and battery law violations, your livelihood is on the line. Contact attorney McBride today to schedule a consultation.