A Criminal Charge Doesn't Have to Become a Conviction

Criminal Defense Attorney in Quincy, Massachusetts

Don't Fight Criminal Charges on Your Own

Criminal charges can devastate your family and destroy your career. Put up a solid defense by working with a criminal law firm in Quincy, Massachusetts. McBride Law handles larceny, embezzlement, restraining orders and other criminal law matters. An accusation doesn't need to ruin your life.

Common Defenses to Criminal Charges

You Didn't Do It

In some cases, false accusations of domestic violence or battery are common, especially if the accuser is a mother trying to gain sole custody of her children. If this sounds familiar, you need an aggressive attorney that can prove you didn't put anyone in danger and deserve to exercise your rights.

You Did It, But...

It was self-defense; people who are being attacked instinctively and naturally fight back to protect themselves. It is within your right, in some cases, to fight back against someone who is trying to hurt you. It is my job as a criminal defense attorney to prove you fought back out of self-defense and don't deserve the penalties the prosecution is trying to push on you.

Don't Fight Criminal
Charges on Your Own


What Happens if You're Convicted Under Assault and Battery Law?

Lawmakers in the Quincy, Massachusetts area take assault and battery law very seriously. If convicted, you could:

  • Spend up to two years in jail

  • Pay as much as $1000 in fines

  • Lose your job and reputation

Don't give up hope. An experienced attorney at McBride Law can fight to help clear your name. If you've been accused of domestic violence, harassment, or assault and battery law violations, your livelihood is on the line.

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